Programs by Mary Baker

All programs are interwoven with song-stories, sing-along songs and stories with music and stories which stand alone. Each program is tailored for the specific age group that it will be presented to. There are many experiences in them which demonstrate the love of nature, tolerance of the diversity within the world around us, conflict resolution in a peaceful manner, noticing that we are more the same than different when we look inside each of us. Keep these stories alive.keep telling our stories and our encounters with stories.they make the world go around.

Imagine That!

Imagine going to far away lands and lands close to home.dogs and cats that talk.Imagine journey's filled with magical characters.imagine pulling a whisker from a living tiger. Imagine living on a farm and the adventures that unexpectedly happen.


You may jump, slide closer to the nearest body, or giggle. Dare to enter the land of witches, goblins, haunted castles and graveyards.

Sacred Stories

Stir up the spirit within us. The stories and songs impart wisdom, truth, grace, and peace.


Celebrate Jesus' birth and symbols of the season.

Celebrating the Earth

Embrace Mother Nature and teach us to care for the earth and all its creatures. “If we all do what we can do what a world this would be”

Colonial Times

Experience life as it was in the late 1700's. Meet a 5 year old girl kidnapped by the Delaware Indians. Visit a farm and have breakfast with President Washington.

Your Themed Programs

Do you have a topic that you would like researched and presented in story and song? It can be done!!

Artist in Residence/Workshop

Students Tell Stories

For five years Mary taught her third graders the art of storytelling which culminated with a concert for the lower grades and the children's families. As an artist in residence she would come to your school and work with classes to teach them the art of storytelling.

Using Storytelling in the Classroom

Helping teachers find where storytelling can be used in their classrooms as a literacy tool. Teaching them to tell stories themselves and as well as how to teach their students to tell stories. Storytelling meets most of the literary standards that are set in most states! It's a great, fun tool to use throughout the curriculum.


Fees are established according to the venue in which the program will be presented. Taking into account the size of the audience, the distance to be traveled, and the number of shows presented on the same day. Please contact Mary now to learn more!